Julie Sullivan Design Lucky Girl Productions Graphic design, marketing strategy, consulting, copywriting, and print management






Creative vision. Innovative marketing strategies.

Julie Sullivan brings thirty years of design, marketing, and consulting experience to your projects. The firm's specialties include visual identity / branding campaigns for educational institutions, healthcare providers, and the outdoor recreation industry; natural history publications for museums, national parks and national park associations; and packaging design for clients as diverse as a brewery, a global research and consulting firm, and a manufacturer of personal care products. Ms. Sullivan has won awards from the American Association of Museums, the National Park Service, the Rocky Mountain Book Publishers Association, and the Publishers Association of the West, among other organizations.

Collaboration and communication.

We define success as working closely with our clients and a team of creative professionals to create design products that shine in the real world. Ms. Sullivan has headed several design firms, managing projects and people, collaborating with CEOs and creatives to develop the best possible design and marketing solutions.